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Talmud Daily

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Talmud Illuminated
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Master the whole Talmud by reading a summary of one page a day

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Daf Yomi - A Page A Day - was started on Rosh Hashana 1923.
Thus the 2711 pages of Talmud are covered in about 7.5 years. This blog
offers condensed essence of the Talmud page daily, so that by reading
about 100 words every day, one can travel through the whole Talmud.
Each entry is illustrated with world's best art, helping understand the
subject. Clicking on the picture, one can see the name of the painter
and the title of his work. For the previous 250 pages of Talmud visit this site.
Author gratefully acknowledges
Artsccoll as a source of some quotes.
Backup blogs,
in English: http://mkerzner.blogspot.com
In Russian: http://talmud-illuminated-ru.blogspot.com/


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Social capital

  • less than 10